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Entrepreneur ~ Investor ~ Leader and Manager ~ Marketing and Travel Online ~ Project Development

An extensive experience, more than 20 years, in various management positions and in the online hotel and travel booking industry has made me knowledgeable about the market and what it still needs. I am a visionary and tend to foresee what the travel market is going to need and where it is heading.

With my leadership skills I have always acted on my business ideas and made them a reality. I have an extensive experience in marketing, sales and distribution positions as well, which have always made my business projects a success. I am in continuous pursuit of self and professional growth in travel, hotel, online and web industries; as well as in life and society. This helps to make me a more complete and knowledgeable person within the professional realm as well as the human relations one. I continue to be ahead with what is needed in the market beating my competitors years before and helping the travel industry improve every day.

I am social, open to new cultures and ideas; work well in groups and always listen to everyone, plus a good observer. These personality attributes and skills, plus inquisitiveness and the love of learning, are also what make me a good leader.

  • Hotel Management · Marketing Management · Travel Marketing
  • Revenue Management · Sales and Distribution · Web Marketing
  • Project Management · Product Development · Hotel Start-Up
  • Public Relations · Website Management


Co-founder/CEO of ProntoHotel